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20.Apr: Lego MOC of Initial D Toyota AE86.
29.Mar: “Phone Zombies”50-Word Stories
07.Feb: Lego MOC of the Batmobile from Batman/TMNT III.
30.Jan: Lego MOC of my spaceship is up!

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Short Stories Featured Externally

Below are some of my favorite short stories published on other websites. Click on the link to view in a new window. Some of my other favorites are featured here. My full publication history is also available.

“Death to the Fight” – an entire class decides to wag…
Needle In The Hay, shortlisted for The Protest Pro Test Award
Death to the Fight
“Love Thy Ministers” – no op goes according to plan
Love Thy Ministers
Food, Glorious Food“Food, Glorious Food” – a dying race is looking for a new home…
The Tree“The Tree”
50-Word Stories
“Replacement Guilt” – Jake is out for blood…
Shotgun Honey
Replacement Guilt
“The Speed of Exposure” – anyone can make accusations…
Winner of Bloomsbury Short Sentence: Payback (Jun & Jul, 2013)
The Speed of Exposure
No Hard Feelings“No Hard Feelings” – a dystopian sci-fi detective short story
Needle In The Hay, winner of The Gramophone Electric Award