Joey has all the components of a great editor: an understanding of structure and how it functions; the ability to disseminate content, to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and to pose solutions; and an intimacy with prose, grammar and punctuation, so he can ensure you’re expressing yourself the best way possible.

– Les Zigomanis
Editor & Author

Although the first feedback I received from Joey came in the form of a rejection letter, I hadn’t received feedback of that quality since my university creative writing courses. Since then, Joey has seen other works of mine and even reviewed my flash fiction story that got published in Havok. Joey consistently provides thoughtful, constructive feedback, and I appreciate that his comments are professional and respectful. Oh, and if you need graphic design, such as a logo to complement your writing endeavors, he can help you with that, too!

– S.E.M. Ishida
“Preserving Peace”, Havok (2022)
“Digital Monsters and Genuine Grace”, Finding God in Anime (2022)

The internet is scary. You don’t know if you can trust others online. Yet, Joey has proven to me that people can be honest and kind, even online.

Joey edited one of my short stories called “Time for Play”. It was shortlisted for a competition in which over 400 writers entered, and I have no doubt it was due to his editing skills. I can always trust him to not only line-edit and to give suggestions but also do a thorough job of copy-editing. He’s detailed and masterful. With Joey, you don’t need to be frightened of the editing process but be excited to watch your story unfold into the end product you imagined.

– Jewel Gray
Author & Blog Writer
“Time for Play”, Short Fiction Break (2017)

Joey joined Grimdark Magazine (GdM) in our first year and was instrumental in helping develop our brand and our e-zine issues through his thoughtful and thorough responses to over 600 slush submissions. During the time we accepted unsolicited submissions, Joey was one of the people I could always rely on to ensure that our slush pile remained in control, and that the cream of the crop was filtered out from the immense volume of submissions for me to review.

In addition, Joey managed not only the editing of articles and reviews of our blog during its earlier days (including writing a couple of reviews), but also helped move approximately 100 blog posts from the old Shopify website to the new WordPress website.

Joey is a great bloke who joined a team of people making it up as they went along, and time after time went above and beyond the reason he joined the GdM team.

– Adrian Collins
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Grimdark Magazine

Writing fiction can be such a personal experience. You’re often too close to the work to see which parts need improvement. But it can feel exposing to show the work to an editor. That’s why it’s good to find an editor like Joey who is professional and considerate. I enjoyed working with Joey; he made insightful and useful suggestions which helped me improve my work to a level that I could not have achieved on my own.

– Jessica Chapman
M.A. (Creative Writing)
“Fallout Lives”, [untitled] issue 8 (2019)

Joey edited my first book Growing Beautiful Teeth which was published in late 2018. It was a book with a health message targeting parents and professional health carers.

Joey was the perfect editor for my entry-level of authorship. He was considerate, unassuming and patient. In the beginning, he was frank to point out the flaws he could see and was able to guide me to make the appropriate corrections. What I appreciated was that he was on the same page (no pun intended) with me; he could see what I was trying to achieve and helped me to do that. I was also impressed by his thoroughness, for example, in checking out all the references that I wanted to use in my book. He helped me keep to our schedule.

I felt very comfortable working with Joey and was grateful to have his expertise and sincere support.

My book is selling well with appreciation from readers round the world; many have commented on its readability.

– Dr Estie Bav
Growing Beautiful Teeth (2018)

When you write your story, it is important to get an independent person to look over it because you can’t do that with your own eyes. Joey did that for me. He did such a great job that I have used him again for subsequent work. What was really great was the way he made suggestions and explained why. I really liked the way he walked me through the process.

– Christine Stow
B.Sc. M.B.A.
Not Just Imyjen’s Mother (2015)