One Funeral Please

This is a radio play. Benny tries to organize a funeral… Duration: ~9 minutes. Click here to view the pdf in a new window.

28 December 2021

Till Death Do Us In (screenplay)

This is a screenplay adapted from the short story of the same name. Lowell needs a new reality-TV show… Duration: ~10 minutes. Click here to view the pdf in a...

28 December 2021

Kill Him Now!

Some guy in a hooded, black cloak throws his 3D glasses and leftover popcorn against the wall. Emma sighs. Great, another fan upset at Episode VIII. Yesterday, nerds in brown...

30 January 2018


GLX-23TM is the latest mall in the GLXTM chain, the first in the Delta Quadrant, situated at the newly commissioned Port 23 of the gate network. It is also the...

19 June 2017

Death to the Fight

Winds lashed against Jimmy and his classmates as they attempted to trek across the upper walkway of Wankebury Boys’ High. “Screw this,” said Trent, pulling his blazer collar up to...

7 May 2017


>> login: Thanatos >> count(member_name, “SkullBook”) 40,587,151 Thanatos: Master, your new social media platform is exceeding expectations. DE4TH: Yes, these fools love surveilling and profiling themselves to their own demise....

30 June 2016