Lego: HW2 Heavy Walker Mechs

These two mech designs are part of a collaborative project with and based on an original design by @exo_mocs. Both are also inspired by mecha anime. Other than that, I...

16 August 2023

Lego MOC: YF-50 Variable Fighter

This is a variable fighter heavily based on the SVMS-01 Union Flag by mechanical designer Fukuchi Hitoshi featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is not intended to replicate the...

14 May 2023

Lego MOC: Tsugumori

This is a design of the Tsugumori piloted by Tanikaze Nagate as seen in the manga series Knights of Sidonia (シドニアの騎士) by Nihei Tsutomu. Throughout the story, there are changes...

31 July 2022

Lego MOC: LW4 Series Light Spider Tanks

Latest Update: 17.Jul.2023 LW4-A1 Assault model Crew: Autonomous or 1 remote pilot Features: 2 twin auto-cannons on single turret LW4-RS Recon-Sniper model Crew: 1 pilot Features: 1 sniper rifle LW4-SRR...

18 June 2022

Lego MOC: AV-98 Ingram

The is a design of the Shinohara Heavy Industries AV-98 Ingram, specifically Unit 1 piloted by Izumi Noa, as seen in the anime series Patlabor. I intended it to be...

11 June 2022

Lego MOC (Various)

Latest update: 15.Aug.2023 Lego MOC gallery of various designs, including aircrafts, spacecrafts, character designs and mecha. Wheeled vehicles are in another gallery.

15 August 2020

Concept/Fan Art

Latest Update: 28.Mar.2024 Below are my miscellaneous artwork, mostly fan art and/or concept art (though mostly not in the traditional sense) but there are a few other random pieces in...

8 December 2017

Just Another Patrol

The master caution alarm blared. Michaela’s eyes ran across the cracked panoramic screen, the schematic blinking: hydraulic fluid leak in the right leg actuator, 5.7mm gun damaged… not good. And...

30 October 2014

The Fake and the Furious

Tayla fishtails around the corner in her pink hover car named Daisy. Jack has never been late before let alone stood her up but she’s annoyed anyway. When she pulls...

9 June 2013