>> login: Thanatos >> count(member_name, “SkullBook”) 40,587,151 Thanatos: Master, your new social media platform is exceeding expectations. DE4TH: Yes, these fools love surveilling and profiling themselves to their own demise....

30 June 2016

The Cosmic Virus

From: hacker@agrestis.ark To: jeffery@vagus.ark Subject: System 887, Sector 442617 The Agrestis is approaching System 887 in Sector 442617. Long-range scans show 8 planets in the system and the 4th planet...

30 March 2013

No Hard Feelings

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Michael blurted out to himself. It wasn’t a question but he knew it was always wise to word complaints and protests in...

15 March 2013