Lego MOC: Borg Cube

A few years ago, I designed a Borg Tactical Cube that was intended to be swooshable and minifigure-playable using Technic liftarms for the structural frame. Whilst the design does satisfy...

18 March 2024

Lego MOC: Assault Ship

This is a warship heavily based on the USS Sulaco as seen in Aliens (1986). The design is minifigure-scale compatible and has access panels for playability (even if said panels...

11 November 2023

Lego MOC: Space Freighter

This design was submitted to BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 (2023). It is free to register an account and vote. Voting began on 07.Mar.2023 and concluded on 31.Mar.2023. My design...

7 March 2023

Lego MOC: Prototype Destroyer

This is my prototype spaceship design of a destroyer. It is mostly inspired by the warships seen in The Expanse with some influence from others including the Arcadia as seen...

30 January 2022

Lego MOC (Various)

Latest update: 15.Aug.2023 Lego MOC gallery of various designs, including aircrafts, spacecrafts, character designs and mecha. Wheeled vehicles are in another gallery.

15 August 2020

Concept/Fan Art

Latest Update: 28.Mar.2024 Below are my miscellaneous artwork, mostly fan art and/or concept art (though mostly not in the traditional sense) but there are a few other random pieces in...

8 December 2017

Necrons Are Coming!

I wrote this parody just to go with my artwork of Necron Tomb Ships in mid-2015. (Please note I do not consider myself a fan of or an expert on...

1 July 2015

The Cosmic Virus

From: hacker@agrestis.ark To: jeffery@vagus.ark Subject: System 887, Sector 442617 The Agrestis is approaching System 887 in Sector 442617. Long-range scans show 8 planets in the system and the 4th planet...

30 March 2013