Lego MOC: Honda NSX

Honda NSX

Below is my first attempt at the 8-wide Honda NSX (1991).

The design is admittedly not the most faithful in its appearance given that I try to include as much detail and functionality as possible. The general form and wheelbase given the overall dimensions are not too bad. The doors, hood (front) and engine cover (mid-rear) should be able to open. The pop-up headlights have limited movement. The boot is mounted on a hinge but its movement is also limited. Also, the rear lights open with the boot which is not the case for the real car.

The front cannot fit a spare tire but the engine compartment and boot have plenty of room. The interior includes the steering wheel, handbrake and gear stick but no dashboard.

I also made a fictional GT version. Modifications obviously include the front and rear, a top air intake on the engine cover that cannot be opened, a minor change to the doors and an adjustable rear wing. The interior changes include stripping away the passenger seat, centre console and handbrake. A different steering wheel is used. In addition, there is a fire extinguisher, computer and drinking bottle and drinking tube.