Lego MOC: P513’s Speeder

P513's Speeder

It’s about time I designed a flying/hover car inspired by the “spinner” as seen in Blade Runner (1982) and speeders in the Star Wars universe.

Below is a speeder for the bounty hunter known as “P513”. Some suspect that she was a clone experiment gone wrong. Others suspect that she was once a prisoner herself, that she was released on parole in order to hunt down criminals who are difficult to find. Another theory floating around is that she is ex-mil, honorably discharged for “getting the job done but sorta borderlining on being a war criminal so let’s just stop there and not talk about it anymore”.

Apart from being ex-mil, none of the above are true. “P513” actually comes from her having been booted out of some obscure amateur hockey league years ago for earning 513 penalty minutes in one season. At some point after leaving the military, she decided to use her skills to benefit society. And to earn some credits. Conventional law enforcement is too restrictive and has too much corruption, but being a bounty hunter… well, cross-checking doesn’t get her fired and she gets paid.

Her speeder is a single-seater although the rear compartment can carry one passenger, usually someone she doesn’t like but worth a few credits. The vehicle has four independent drive units although it only requires one functioning drive unit to move, albeit at reduced performance. There are four front disruptor cannons and two missile bays, one on each side with a total of four missiles.