Lego MOC: Space Freighter

Space Freighter

This design was submitted to BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 (2023).

It is free to register an account and vote. Voting began on 07.Mar.2023 and concluded on 31.Mar.2023. My design was not selected but thank you all for your support.

This Space Freighter at 1885 pieces is divided into 4 sections with modular design and access panels for playability:

  • The Freighter section (towing vehicle) is divided into Port, Central and Starboard modules. The Freighter features a bridge, bunkbed, food dispenser, computer terminal, med-bed, amongst other things.
  • The Trailer section is one module and features the connector to the Freighter, two mounts for the Towers and their corresponding locking mechanisms.
  • The Tower is comprised of a common Base module with the remaining to serve whatever purposes require. In this set, one Tower is a Refinery and the other is a generic Cargo Container.
  • Both the Freighter and Trailer have retractable landing gears.