Lego MOC: T-series Vans

T2M Concept Military Van

Below are my T-series concept vans, initially built for the #mocaroundgang on Instagram. The T1 and T2 were initially posted in another gallery but I have collated them into this post.

Like most of my Lego vehicles, the base is 8-wide so that it is minifigure-scale compatible and playable on minifigure-scale settings.

The first is the T1. It features sliding doors on both sides which are admittedly somewhat awkward. The back doors can also open although going forward the design needs to change as they would not open or close easily.

Below is the T2 which is based on the T1. Despite the obvious similarities, there are more changes than it looks. The standard version (red) features a canopy, side doors and a rear door which can open. The roof can be easily detached. The military variant T2M (yellow) has a second canopy that can be detached and an extra door on each side. The rear is segmented to house equipment; for example, a remotely operated cannon as in the case shown below.

The T3 is also based on the previous two designs but with more drastic changes, taking a mildly cyberpunk-anime approach. Below is the standard version (grey) and the medivac/ambulance variant T3ME (white). The canopy and rear door can open. The body and roof can slide out, locked in by a hinged part on the roof.

The below are the T2M and T3ME as aerial vehicles (hover car). The conversion is simply the replacement of the wheel with an aerial unit.