Lego MOC: Tempura Restaurant

Tempura Restaurant

This design was submitted to BrickLink Designer Program Series 2 (2023).

It is free to register an account and vote. Voting began on 12.Jun.2023 and concluded on 30.Jun.2023. My design was not selected but thank you all for your support.

This Tempura Restaurant at 1759 pieces is minifigure-playable. The style takes both a traditional and modern approach.

The model includes the following features:

  • Four (4) side walls and two (2) roof panels that can be removed. Any one can be removed without the need of removing any of the others.
  • The front and back doors can slide open and close.
  • Three (3) dining tables and one (1) “bar” table with a total of ten (10) seats.
  • Six (6) minifigures, two (2) staff and four (4) patrons.
  • Four (4) tempura meals (in three different meal sets).
  • Commercial kitchen that has a fridge with removable trays, drinks station, stove with serving bench, traditional kamado, noodle maker with movable rollers, oil cans, flour, amongst other things.
  • Four (4) stickers, three for “tempura” (天ぷら) on the noren at the front and one for the menu display next to the front door.
  • Lighting and exhaust are attached to the roof panels.