Lego MOC: YF-50 Variable Fighter


This is a variable fighter heavily based on the SVMS-01 Union Flag by mechanical designer Fukuchi Hitoshi featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is not intended to replicate the Flag in every detail, mainly following its general form and relatively simple transformation.

There is some inspiration taken from Macross. As such, it is a three-mode variable fighter even though I did not initially intend a GERWALK mode, but it doesn’t look bad so why not?!

It seats one minifigure pilot. Shields can be attached to both arms and a rifle can be attached to either/both shields. Only one is attached to the right shield in the pictures shown below of the Battroid and GERWALK modes. In Fighter mode, the rifle is underneath the cockpit along the centerline.

The model does have landing gears although I could not find an effective way to lock the front landing gear, opting for what is clearly a clumsy way for now.