“Just two more semesters,” I tried to reassure her. But she left.

It’s as if I see her everywhere… Must concentrate. Must pass these exams.

She was at the supermarket. With that rich snob. Money helps but can’t take it to your next life.

Passed all but one exam. Need another additional semester. Dammit.

Still can’t get her face outta my head. I must be pathetic. At least my studies are going well.

Saw her in the carpark when I finished my shift… past year’s been hard. One semester left.

Surprised it went quickly. I’ve graduated. Finally.

Management is criminally incompetent but I’ll show them.

Got promoted after saving the company. Unlike those fools, I actually saw the crash coming. Should’ve recorded their faces.

She bumped into me, spilling my drink. Apparently broke up with him recently and wanted to “catch up”. I asked if she could recover my drink.


“Crashes” was Second Runner Up for Vol 3-36 at Flash! Friday, August 2015.

This short story is inspired by and is a re-telling of the Chinese proverb “Spilled Water is Difficult to Retrieve” (覆水難收).